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Lawmatch's National Directory of Legal Recruiters is an exhaustive compilation of U.S. search firms, recruiters and staffing companies that specialize in legal placement. Because we create a free basic listing for every firm we identify, our Directory is by far the most comprehensive such resource available. It currently includes listings for over 350 placement firms in 37 locations nationwide, representing more than 700 individual recruiters -- many of them former attorneys.

The Directory can be searched by name of firm or recruiter, by location, and by the type of placement assistance being sought (e.g. full-time, temporary/contract, etc.). The Directory homepage also now offers a limited (partial) list of law schools whose graduates work in the legal placement industry.

While some searches are nationwide, the majority of hiring and placement activity occurs within discreet geographic markets. Lawmatch recommends that you start by identifying recruiters and/or firms that have an existing practice or track record in the market(s) that are the focus of your search.

Who's in the Directory?

Core (Free) Listings Comprehensive (Paid) Listings

Core Listings provide basic demographic and contact information for all private sector recruiting and staffing firms identified by Lawmatch that (a) are focused primarily on placements in the legal marketplace, and (b) maintain a current Web site with information suitable for candidate due diligence.

Lawmatch charges no fee to search firms and recruiters for a Core Listing.  The contents of the directory are the result of Lawmatch's exhaustive best effort to consolidate information from numerous public and private sources.

No endorsement of any firm included in the Directory is offered or implied. 

Comprehensive Listings provide more detailed information about a firm’s placement practice, its areas of expertise, biographical profiles of its recruiters, and a link to the firm’s current openings.   Lawmatch charges a fee to recruiters and staffing firms that want to supply additional information for a Comprehensive Listing.  This information is supplied by the firms themselves, and Lawmatch makes no representations with respect to the accuracy of such information. 

If you are a recruiter, search firm or staffing company and would like to purchase a Comprehensive Listing, please e-mail  Rates & More Info