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Web Activity and Traffic Sources

Lawmatch's National Directory of Legal Recruiters is accessed typically 100+ times a day from our public Web site, where it is prominently displayed on the homepage and is available as a constant left-menu option on all internal pages (e.g. this page -- lower-left).

IN ADDITION, links to the Directory are in place (or planned) at the following law school career services Web sites (partial list):

Albany Law School
Capital Univ. Law School (pending)

Columbia Law School

DePaul Univ. College of Law
Howard University Law School
Rutgers Univ. Law School - Camden
Southwestern Univ. Law School
Santa Clara Univ. Law School
South Texas College of Law
UCLA Law School
Univ. of Indiana - Indianapolis
Univ. of Pennsylvania Law School
Univ. of Southern California
Wake Forest University Law School
Western State Univ. College of Law
Whittier College Law School
Yale Law School

It's free for law schools to maintain these links on their Web sites, so the number of participating law schools is constantly growing.  For more information, e-mail

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