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The Latest in Big Law Must Haves: On-Site Career Coach

Today most self-respecting law firms offer their associates state of the art gyms, emergency child care, cappuccino bars. Firms that are looking to stand apart from the rest might consider offering their associates something different…career coaches. Ideally the career coach should be someone just down the hall that is available to give lawyers the career…

How to use Twitter to find a Job and Build Your Professional Reputation

Twitter is an amazing resource for businesses. It’s a free marketing, pr and advertising tool. What surprises us, is that more people aren’t using it as a tool to find a job.

When a potential employer considers hiring you, or even just interviewing you, you can bet your first- born the first thing they’re going to do is Google your name. What kind of results are going to be returned when they Google your name? Since Twitter is now indexed in search engine results, employers and recruiters can easily find you.