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Representation of Women in Law Firms On the Rise

For a long time, women have been under-valued and under-utilized in the workplace, especially in law firms, and even more especially in the higher ranks of those law firms. However, while this lack of representation isn’t going to correct itself overnight, it seems that the legal job market is slowly making its way toward gender equality.

The Art Of The Informational Interview

The typical person heading into a job interview at a law firm has done his or her homework. Generally this involves finding out whatever details and background information are available about the company and its principles, while also learning about the specific position being offered. Yet invariably, no matter how prepared one is, an interview is a high-pressure, high-stress situation. You’re aware that you have just this one chance to make a good impression, and that your interviewer has likely heard it all before, so it may be difficult to actually say anything that would impart a favorable or distinctive view of you, regardless of your qualifications. Is there anything an interviewee can do to up the odds in his or her favor?

11 Mistakes To Avoid When Interviewing For A Job

We’ve all been through it- flubbed a term in an interview, sent the wrong cover letter to the wrong person, accidentally asked the person interviewing you if she was pregnant (she isn’t) … It happens. You can’t prevent every mistake when searching for a job, but you can prepare yourself as much as possible.