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Neal Rechtman here.  I’m the founder of and have been an entrepreneur in the legal recruitment marketplace for over 35 years.

I claim Lawmatch as the oldest commercial Web site dedicated exclusively to legal recruiting and employment.  Since our founding in August 1996, we have been focused on providing employers and job seekers with the most efficient employment solutions available in the age of Internet recruiting.

This version of our Web site, introduced October 1, 2009, incorporates the latest Web-based recruitment methodologies – refined to meet the specific needs and expectations of the legal community.  For example, in addition to the opportunities listed directly at, we continuously monitor the job posting pages of over 5,000 law firm, corporate and non-profit Web sites, and then hand-select for inclusion at Lawmatch those listings that would be of current interest to our diverse legal audience.  Our jobs database has typically has 3,000+ current listings, and on average we add over 200 new listings per week.

An important new marketplace dynamic that has emerged over the past year is this: many employers no longer post their open positions anywhere at all on the Web – even on their own Web sites.  This is because their postings can easily get picked up by Web spiders and distributed all over the Internet, resulting in a massive in-flow of often unqualified resumes that may continue for months after the position has been filled (the Web brings great efficiencies to the process, but it also has its downside).  Employers that take this position either do their hiring through recruiters or agencies, or they search specialized resume databases such as the Lawmatch National Resume Bank. 

It is for this reason that I urge all job seekers who register at Lawmatch to include a profile in our resume bank.  The operational methodology we’ve adopted for this system masks your identity, name and contact information at all times, without exception.  When an employer searching the database becomes interested in your abstracted (anonymous) profile, they send to Lawmatch a description of their company and opportunity, and we in turn forward this information to you.  If you’re interested in the position, you can then follow up with the employer directly; if you’re not interested, you simply decline the invitation. In both cases, your name and contact information are never revealed by our system, and in fact there is nowhere on the public side of Lawmatch where your personal information can be accessed by anyone other than yourself.*

I for one am particularly pleased that resume banks are entering the mainstream of the legal employment marketplace.  It sure took long enough: in 1997 I wrote this article for Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, in which I described the significant efficiencies inherent in a resume-bank recruitment model (where employers search for job seekers) compared to the traditional want-ad model (where job seekers search for employers). 

Neal Rechtman
November 2009
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* Please note that if you are currently employed and your job search must remain confidential, I recommend using our "Too Busy to Search" concierge enrollment service (cf. Job Seeker Info, bottom of page). The experienced counselors who provide this service are experts at editing profiles so that no identifying information is accidentally included.  If you’re interested in this option, please e-mail your resume in PDF or MS Word Format to confidential @